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Professional Development, Career and Performance Coaching

Professional Development Strategy Session: One on One Meetings

$ 175.00

Professional Development Strategy Sessions 

One on One Tele-Coaching Strategy Sessions to address your most pressing career needs. 


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The Session

Development Areas 

Executive and Performance Coaching: Goal setting, Leadership development, Emotional intelligence, Workplace wellness, Performance and productivity, Implementation, Managing goals, time, priorities, and stress, Execution and accountability

Workplace Wellness: Planning and managing work-life health and workplace issues such as Burnout, Work-Life Balance, Work Depression, Work Anxiety, Performance and Productivity, Professional Relationships

Leadership Development: Communication, Self-Awareness, Other Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Work relationships 

Goal Planning: Clarifying and defining personal and professional goals, career and education plans, personal and professional development plans

Something Else. Let's discuss it. 

Career and Performance Coaching Tele-Coaching Strategy Sessions


  • 60 Minute Strategy Sessions 
  • Your personal and professional goals are clearly identified before our working together.
  • Strategy development occurs after we have identified and defined your desired outcomes and needs.
  • Spend every session clarifying objectives and obstacles and engaged in the development of strategic actions to move you forward to the next best steps for you. 
  • Approach: Systems and Strategy, Humanistic, Existential, Performance Coaching and Leadership Development Models  

  • Worksheets and Assessments

    Complete the Career Goals Worksheet prior to the first meeting. Information gathering is completed prior to meeting so that we can focus strictly on strategy development during your meeting.