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Executive and Career Management Strategy Sessions: 90 Minute Consulting Sessions

Executive and Career Management Strategy Sessions: 90 Minute Consulting Sessions

$ 350.00

Career Management Strategy Sessions: Executive, Career, and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Career Counseling Sessions addressing personal and professional development needs

Goal Planning: Clarifying and defining personal and professional goals
Skills Assessment: Identify skills gaps and needs 
Development Plan: Create a personal and professional development plan 
WorkWellness: Planning and managing work-life health
Career Coaching: Address career management and development needs
Executive Coaching:
 Performance and productivity, implementation, execution, and accountability 
Leadership Development: Communication, Self-Awareness, Other Awareness, Emotional Intelligence


Development Areas 

Goal setting, Professional development, Leadership development, Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Wellness, Workplace Issues, Burnout, Work-Life Balance, Work Depression, Work Anxiety, Performance and Productivity, Motivation and Inspiration, Professional Relationships, Communication skills

Executive Strategy Tele-Coaching Sessions

Weekly or Monthly Strategic Coaching Sessions via Video or Telephone 

Professional Development Exercises and Assessments

Resources provided to enhance personal and professional development

    Resources and Deliverables

    • Comprehensive Resource Library including scripts, templates, swipe files, blueprints, checklists, and more
    • Career Inventories, Personality, and Skill Assessments
    • Exercises designed to dig deeper into the details of your knowledge, skills, abilities, values, interests, needs and other factors necessary to help you achieve career clarity, focus, and direction