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The Job Transition Campaign: Prepare and Execute a Successful Job Transition Campaign

The Job Transition Campaign: Prepare and Execute a Successful Job Transition Campaign

$ 1,297.00

The Job Transition Campaign: Prepare and Execute a Successful Job Transition Campaign

This program will help you to prepare and execute your job search campaign to position yourself and apply to desirable jobs. This program will guide you through personalized resume development, job application, follow-up sequence, and interviewing. 

The Program 

Enrollment and Getting Started

  • The program is offered by application only. Please call for a consultation.  
  • Programs begin on the 1st day of each month.
  • Enrollment closes on the 15th of each month.
  • Each cohort is limited to only 10 participants to ensure program integrity and personal success.

Program Covers

Phase III: Prepare and Execute Your Job Transition Campaign 

  • Job Prospecting and Finding Hidden Opportunities
  • How to Make Yourself Desirable for Employers
  • Managing the Job Search Campaign
  • Craft Compelling Personal Branding and Marketing Collateral 
  • How to Package and Pitch your Knowledge and Technical Skills
  • The Interview Protocol
  • Modern Networking Strategies


  • Learn how to discover exactly what employers are looking for
  • Learn how to make yourself the most desirable candidate so you stand out
  • Learn how to decide if the company is a good fit for you
  • Understand what to do when you do not have all of the requirements for the job or you are being rejected from employment. 
  • Recieve professional development coaching to strengthen your skills
  • Manage an organized job search campaign with clarity and focus
  • Find undiscovered opportunities and prospects
  • Leave with a strategy and organized targeted job search campaign plan
  • Talk about yourself with confidence and ease

Resources and Deliverables

  • 1:1 Weekly Strategy and Coaching Calls (Delivered over 30 Days)
  • Brainstorming, Q&A's, and Strategic Support
  • Strategy and Action Planning
  • Access to a Comprehensive Resource Library including roadmaps, scripts, templates, swipe files, blueprints, checklists, and more
  • Job Search Campaign Management
  • Hands-on Guidance and Support

1:1 Career Coaching Strategy Sessions

  • Weekly Tele-Strategy Sessions scheduled upon completion of Exercises (Must be completed within program timeframes)
  • Review of job search campaigns and work that you complete
  • Strategy and Action Planning
  • Brainstorming, Q&A's, and Strategic Support


  • Support as needed for duration of program
  • Private Members Only Group
  • Live Q&A Group Sessions 
  • Online Career Advisor Support 

      *Programs and lesson modules are subject to change and may be modified and substituted as needed or as programs and workforce trends evolve.