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Interview Preparation and Coaching

The Interview: Prepare, Present, and Pitch Yourself with Confidence

$ 997.00

The Interview 

Create a strategic action plan for effectively talking about yourself and answering interview questions. There are two things that your interviewer is assessing; 1. technical skills demonstrating your ability to adequately do the job and 2. personality factors, work ethic, and workplace cultural fit for the job, team, and organization. 

  • Learn the STAR method and other effective strategies for responding to interview questions including the dreaded (and ridiculous) "What are your weaknesses?" question
  • Learn how to effectively discern and answer "fit" questions in ways that are true to yourself
  • Learn how to clearly articulate your core skills and value propositions in ways that position you as the best candidate for the position 
  • Learn how to identify the organization and job's "pain points" in order to effectively position yourself as the best candidate for the job
  • Talk about yourself with confidence and ease
  • Receive professional development coaching to strengthen your soft skills
  • And More

    Resources and Deliverables

    • 12 Session and Document Review Hours (Resume, Interview Prep Notes, Q&A's, Prep and Practice Sessions, Post Interview Follow up Sequences and Strategies, etc)  
    • The Interview Preparation Workbook 
    • 1:1 Interview Preparation and Practice Interviews
    • Templates, Scripts, Swipe Files, Checklists, Follow-up Letters, and more.
    • Hands-on Guidance and Tactical Support

    No Fail Guarantee 

    If you fully and cooperatively participate in the preparation and sessions, we will continue to work with you to help you land the job.