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Careers Reinvented: A Guided Process for Leveraging Your Transferable Skills, Finding Career Direction, and Refining Your Personal Brand.™

Careers Reinvented: A Guided Process for Leveraging Your Transferable Skills, Finding Career Direction, and Refining Your Personal Brand.™

$ 4,997.00

Career Transition and Professional Development Program

Hands-on Step by Step Guidance for Identifying and Leveraging Your Transferable Skills and Making a Satisfying Career Change.

Our comprehensive, individualized career transition consulting program will help you evaluate a wide range of career factors taking you from exploration to implementation and launching into the career and direction that is right for you.  

The Program 

A Guided Career Transition Program with 1:1 Consulting, Exercises, and Lessons that are designed to dig deeper into the details of your core skills, career interests, and job satisfaction factors to purposefully drive you forward into a clear and focused career direction.

Enrollment and Getting Started

  • This program is offered by application only. Please call for a consultation or select the program and complete the automated application that is emailed to you. 
  • Each cohort is limited to only 10 participants to ensure program and personal success and integrity. 
  • Program Dates
    Cohort One: January 1 - April 31 
    Cohort Two: May 1 - August 30 
    Cohort Three: September 1 - December 31 


    Phase I Personal Brand Discovery and Direction

    • Personal and Professional Discovery and Exploration
    • Career and Personality Assessments 
    • Skills Inventories
    • Career Satisfaction 
    • Career Profile

    Phase II Market Research and Discovering Opportunities 

    • Exploring Your Options
    • Identify Job and Career Targets 
    • Job Prospecting and Finding Hidden Opportunities
    • How to Conduct Market Research and Analysis
    • How to Retool and Skill Up
    • Managing the Job Search Campaign

    Phase III Positioning and Execution 

    • Craft Compelling Personal Branding and Marketing Collateral 
    • Building your Professional Portfolio 
    • How to Package and Pitch your Knowledge and Technical Skills
    • The Interview Protocol
    • Modern Networking Strategies
    • Getting Referrals

    Additional Supporting Lessons and Resources

    Creating Opportunities

    • Create Your Next Job 
    • Mastering Self-Promotion and Personal Marketing
    • Negotiating Salary and Benefits
    • Strengthening Your Skills

    Uplevel and Growth

    • Defining New Growth Goals
    • Refining Skills and Expertise
    • Priming and Planning for the Future
    • Identifying Areas of Specialization

    Key Objectives

    • Identify your knowledge, skills, talents, values, interests, needs
    • Clarify and define your career direction
    • Identify and name your core skills that matter most in the market
    • Strengthen and leverage your transferable skills 
    • Define your core values, interests, and personal mission 
    • Identify ideal opportunities matching your skills and interests
    • Create desirable and satisfying career opportunities
    • Execute a targeted and focused job search campaign
    • Brand yourself for work that you want
    • Create a resume that jumps out of the pile
    • Improve conversational skills for networking and interviewing 
    • Master natural interviewing and networking techniques
    • Strengthen your position in the market by communicating your unique value proposition
    • Develop and refine specialized skills that give you market differentiation and edge
    • Create your next career opportunities 
    • Master personal marketing 

    1:1 Career Strategy Sessions + Resources + Unlimited Support

    • Weekly Calls and Assignments Stacked to build momentum, accountability, and achieve progress
    • Recieve Personalized Coaching with 1:1 Strategy Calls 
    • Hands-on Guidance and Support for your Career Transition Campaign 
    • 1 year + access to online Private Support Group and Career Consultants
    • Group Office Hours for Chats and Calls
    • Technical Training and Workshops 
    • Brainstorming, Q&A's, and Strategic Support
    • Strategy and Action Planning

      Resources and Deliverables

      • 24/7 Access to a personal online classroom portal that includes a comprehensive resource library including roadmaps, scripts, templates, swipe files, blueprints, checklists, and more
      • Career Inventories, Personality, and Skill Assessments
      • Discovery Exercises designed to dig deeper into the details of your knowledge, skills, abilities, values, interests, needs and other factors necessary to help you achieve career clarity, focus, and direction
      • Opportunity Research Lessons guiding you through job prospecting research and analysis 
      • Opportunity Creation Lessons and Exercises empowering you to take ownership of your career, take action, and implement strategies for successful career transition
      • Membership to Private Community with support and guidance from ambitious, like-minded professional peers and career coaches


      • Hands-on Guidance and Support
      • Technical Workshops  
      • Live Q&A Group Sessions 
      • Private Members Only Group. Private Online Support Forum where you can ask any question and get answers and support 365 days a year. You will never be on your own. 
      • 24/7 Online Classroom Training and Tools

      Team Support

      Kristen is there to cheer you on, critique your campaigns, and make sure that your transition is as simple as it can possibly be while still hitting your career and life goals.

      You will never run into a problem that we can't deal with. 
      You will never ask us a question that we won't answer. 
      We will look at all of your work - resumes, cover letters, job search campaigns, interviewing strategy, all of it - to make sure that your personal marketing materials are powerful, authentic, natural, and effective.
      That's what it takes to transform your career. This is why our clients reach their goals and get incredible results.

      Careers Reinvented Private Members Only Group

      This is a serious group of kind and ambitious professionals committed to their career growth and satisfaction. This is a highly focused, supportive group of professionals where you'll find loving support for every challenge you have in your career transition.

      Leverage the power of this group to

      • Tap into the collective knowledge, experience, and insight of many accomplished professionals who are committed to their growth
      • Quickly troubleshoot any challenge quickly so that you never get stuck longer than you have to
      • Get extra support for every career issue that you have
      • Create valuable connections that can lead to new ideas, opportunities, partnerships, and much more

      Program Fees

      • Pay in Full $4997 
      • Financing and Payment Plans Available 

      No Fail Guarantee

      If you have participated in the weekly meetings and completed prescribed exercises and have not gained clarity and direction at the end of the program, we insist on extending your program and continuing to work with you. 

      *Programs, lesson modules, and terms are subject to change and may be modified and substituted as needed and as workforce trends evolve.
      (Program modified 10/27/17)