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Career Discovery: Define your Personal Brand and Discover the Ideal Career Direction for you

Career Discovery: Define your Personal Brand and Discover the Ideal Career Direction for you

$ 1,997.00

Career Discovery: Exploration into Personal and Career Interests, Skills, and Satisfaction

Career Discovery and Exploration

Gain clarity, direction, and focus in your career. Define your personal brand and discover the ideal career direction for you.

Our comprehensive career discovery program will help you discover, explore, and evaluate a wide range of career factors to help you find clarity, focus, and direction in your career. Exercises are aimed at discovering your interests and defining career satisfaction factors aligned with desirable career direction. 

The Program 

Enrollment and Getting Started

  • The program is offered by application only. Please call for a consultation. 
  • Each cohort is limited to only 10 participants to ensure program integrity and personal success. 

Program Covers

Personal Brand Discovery and Career Direction

  • Personal and Professional Discovery and Exploration
  • Career and Personality Assessments 
  • Skills Inventories
  • Career Satisfaction 
  • Career Profile and Personal Brand Development
  • Execution Plan


    Work through areas of Career Discovery to bring you clarity and direction around your career pursuits and personal brand. Gain awareness and a better understanding of what you want to do, what you should do, and what you do best.

    • Identify your knowledge, skills, talents, values, interests, needs, and more
    • Clarify and define your career direction
    • Name your core skills to develop personal branding 
    • Define your core values, interests, needs, and personal mission 
    • Understand the career direction that is aligned with your needs and interests
    • Start priming for future career growth and goals

    Resources and Deliverables

    • 1:1 Sessions and Strategy Calls 
    • Career Inventories, Personality, and Skill Assessments
    • Discovery Exercises designed to dig deeper into the details of your knowledge, skills, abilities, values, interests, needs and other factors necessary to help you achieve career clarity, focus, and direction
    • Qualitative Analysis of data collected from conversations and results of your exercises
    • Brainstorming, Q&A's, and Strategic Support
    • Strategy and Action Planning
    • Access to a Comprehensive Resource Library including roadmaps, scripts, templates, swipe files, blueprints, checklists, and more
    • Hands-on Coaching, Doing, Action, Guidance, and Support

    1:1 Career Coaching Strategy Sessions

    • (6) Weekly Tele-Strategy Sessions scheduled upon completion of Exercises (Must be completed within program timeframes)
    • Analysis of exercises that you complete
    • Strategy and Action Planning
    • Brainstorming, Q&A's, and Strategic Support


    • Support as needed for the duration of the program
    • Private Members Only Group
    • Live Q&A Group Sessions 
    • Hands-on Career Consultant Support 

    No Fail Guarantee

    If you have participated in the weekly meetings and completed prescribed exercises and have not gained clarity and direction at the end of the program, we insist on extending your program and continuing to work with you. 

        *Programs and lesson modules are subject to change and may be modified and substituted as needed or as programs and workforce trends evolve.

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