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Career Discovery: Career Analysis, Market Discovery, and Personal Branding

$ 1,997.00

Career Analysis, Market Discovery, and Personal Branding

Master the skills it takes to successfully create a career that is aligned with your skills, interests, values, and lifestyle - whether you're an early careerist or seasoned professional. 

This comprehensive career analysis program will help you discover, explore, and evaluate a wide range of career factors to help you find clarity, focus, and direction in your career. 


    We will seek an intersection between skills and passion (aka interests). You don’t have to choose one over the other. In fact, it is not recommended.

    Learn how to conceptualize and organize your skills to leverage them for jobs you want even if you haven’t had the formal job titles. For example, if you’re a lawyer, you likely have skills in analysis, research, strategy, interviewing, communicating, and writing. These are transferable skills that we will leverage to position you for other opportunities.

    Learn how to conduct systematic job market discovery and research to identify market demand, skills demand, market salary, hidden opportunities, skills gaps, and professional development options.

    Learn how to identify and vet professional development options to target skills gaps and develop and strengthen skills that are in demand.

    Refine your personal branding to gain a clear and compelling competitive advantage in the job market. Never leaving the burden of figuring out what you’re great at to your target market. Your personal marketing will be on point. Develop improved confidence and self-worth about your professional skills and career.

    Learn how to thoughtfully analyze your options and make informed decisions from a place of confidence and strategy. Protect the downside and make decisions based on knowledge instead of fear and unknowns.

    Create a strategic plan, so you will always know where you’re going, what you are working on, and how to get there. Build in resources and tactical strategies to keep you focused on career growth and career and life satisfaction. 

      Have a proven system that you will use again and again for the rest of your career. 

        Resources and Deliverables

        • Clarity and Goal Setting
        • Lessons and Training
        • Research and Data-Backed Methods
        • Accountability, Mindset, and Productivity Hacks
        • Organizational Psychology and Corporate Psychotherapy Insights
        • Mentor Coaching
        • Dedicated Support and Hands-On Guidance
        • Business Acumen and Entrepreneurial Principles
        • Community Forum

        1:1 Career Coaching Strategy Sessions

        This program includes all career and personality assessments, career exploration modules and exercises, consultant document review and analysis, and weekly strategy sessions to help you make decisions, map out, and execute career direction.

        • Weekly Tele-Strategy Sessions scheduled upon completion of modules (Must be completed within 3 months)
        • Career Coach Document Review and Analysis Hours + Email Support
        • Analysis of completed exercises and assessments 
        • Strategy and Action Planning
        • Brainstorming, Q&A's, and Strategic Support


        • Hands-on Dedicated Career Coaching Support 
        • 24/7 Online Classroom Training and Tools  
        • Access to Private Members Only Group. Private Online Support Forum where you can ask any question and get answers and support 365 days a year. You will never be on your own. 
        • Weekly Q&A Calls  

          No Fail Guarantee

          If you have participated in the weekly meetings and completed prescribed exercises and have not gained clarity and direction at the end of the program, we insist on extending your program and continuing to work with you. 

                *Programs and lesson modules are subject to change and may be modified and substituted as needed or as programs and workforce trends evolve.