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90-Minute Action Planning Career Strategy Session

90-Minute Action Planning Career Strategy Session

$ 350.00

90-Minute Strategy Sessions with Action Planning. Strategize and Map Actionable Steps to Achieve Your Goals.  

Create a 30 day action plan to map out your strategic next career and life moves. 

Choose Subject Area to be Addressed 

1. Career Discovery 2. Career Mapping and Goal Planning 3. Career Research 4. Personal Branding 5. Job Search Transition Plan 6. Workplace Wellness 7. Interview Preparation 8. Resume Review and Guidance 9. Interview Preparation 10. Strategic Brainstorming 11. Workplace Conflict 12. Transition Planning 13. Other. Let's Discuss 

The Session 

We will work through The Career Goals Worksheet and any other documents that you will have completed and discuss review notes, your needs, sticking points, and questions that you have about your career and next strategic moves.


  • Create a 30 Day Action Plan mapping out your exact next moves. 
  • Know exactly what steps to take to begin achieving results quickly.
  • Feel inspired, build momentum, create accountability, and experience wins.  

Career Consultant Review

Worksheets, Assessments, Résumés, and other Documents prior to meeting


Information gathering is completed prior to meeting so that we can focus strictly on strategy development and action planning during your meeting.  

Resources and Deliverables

Templates and additional resources provided as needed

Action Plan

Create a 30 Day Strategic Action Plan guiding your next steps