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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

  • Career and Job Changers
  • People at Work
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business and Organizations
  • Students, New Graduates, Early Careerists

What kind of issues do you address?

Signature Programs and Courses Include

  • Careers Reinvented: A Guided Process for Leveraging Your Transferable Skills, Finding Career Direction, and Refining Your Personal Brand.™
  • Career Discovery: Gain Clarity, Direction, and Focus in Your Career and Define your Personal Brand
Courses Below are Included in Careers Reinvented 
  • Personal Branding: Define and Articulate Your Unique Value
  • Job Search Bootcamp: Guidance and Tools for Navigating a Productive Transition
  • The Interview Protocol: Graceful Self-Promotion. How to Interview Like an Entrepreneur
  • Career Positioning and Career Specialization: Your Guide to Becoming an Industry Expert

How do you help me? What is your process?

  • Select Your Program. We have several programs for you to choose from that will guide you through your career challenges and goals.  
  • Complete the Career Goals Worksheet that is automatically sent to you after checkout. The worksheet will help you to clearly understand and define your current situation, your goals, and what personal and professional satisfaction looks like for you. 
  • Complete Modules. We have a self-paced career consultant guided process with step by step guidance to walk you through each step of the career transition process. Each program includes various exercises designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of your knowledge, skills, abilities, values, interests, needs, and more. You will begin receiving your program modules and exercises to begin working on. 
  • Strategy Sessions. Once, you complete an exercise, you may schedule meetings to discuss questions, issues, obstacles, strategy, and next steps. 
  • Participate in Group Discussions to get on-demand support and guidance for every career issue you have

  • Where are strategy meetings held?

    We work with our clients using telephone, Skype, and FaceTime, which allows us to work nationally and internationally. We see our clients by appointment only.

    Is Skype as effective as working in the office face to face?

    We work with clients all over the world and country using Skype and other remote technology. It is not necessary to meet in person to achieve desired results and we find that it is just as effective as in-person meetings. The nature of our work is strategic and much of what we are doing in our meetings is reviewing results from exercises, discussing questions and obstacles, brainstorming, and strategic planning, which is effectively and conveniently accomplished using online technology.

    Do you help write resumes?

    We have free resume templates and writing software available to our clients. If you are working with a career coach, they will provide feedback and advisory to help you write and edit your resume. 

    If you need additional help with writing the resume, a writer is available to you for a fee through our resume writing programs. Our resume writers are experts in creating value-based marketing collateral aimed at making you “jump out of the pile” so that you get more attention and interviews.

    What happens if I get stuck and I am not making progress? Do you guarantee results?

    We have a no-fail guarantee for our clients who are fully and actively participating in the work and our programs.

    What is your success rate?

    Success is determined by your desired outcomes, our program offerings, and your investment in the programs. It is not easy to NOT succeed in our programs if you are fully invested, show up to meetings, and complete the assignments and work assigned to you. Due to our no-fail policy and that we only accept clients that we believe we can help and are invested and accountable, we rarely see a lack of progress. 

    Having said that, the difference between the people who succeed in our programs and those who do not is centered around a can-do and will-do action taking mindset and behavior. Career Reinvention pushes you out of your "normal" and your comfort zone and requires you to look at things differently than you have before. Often, we are flipping everything its head and turning it inside out to recreate your personal brand and direction. Sometimes, that much flipping is not required; only a bit of tweaking. Most importantly, is your willingness to go there and with an open mind and willingness to look at things through a new lens and take the action required to get you there.  

    Clients results include:

    • Gain clarity around who you are, what you do and like best, and how you do it
    • Create a strong personal brand and become an expert and specialist in your industry
    • Identify skill gaps and necessary training and education needs
    • Experience improved productivity and performance
    • Become laser focused and effectively organize priorities, projects, goals, and interests
    • Become clear and focused on goals, projects, and strategies to achieve desired results
    • Create a career and life that you enjoy that motivates and inspires you
    • Experience improved quality of life by integrating work and life in healthy ways
    • Create laser focused targeted job search campaigns that help them find the “right” jobs
    • Secure meaningful work that they enjoy

    Do you help place people in jobs or conduct job searches?

    We do not offer headhunting or job placement services, however, we work with clients to develop clear, focused, strategic job search campaigns and often connect them with job resources and connections that we have available. We also teach our clients how to conduct focused and directed job search campaigns so that they are finding the most valuable resources and opportunities available to them. Because this is our life’s work, we have a well-developed database of resources and information for our clients. Additionally, we offer access to our extensive resource library.

    My Issue is ____ Can you help me?

    Not getting interviews

    Not getting jobs

    Can’t find opportunities

    Do not know what I want to do

    Do not know what I should do

    Do not know what I do best

    Have trouble interviewing

    Do not know how to present or position myself

    Am pigeonholed in a job or career I do not like

    I am burnt out at my job and with my career

    I need to improve my communication skills

    I am disorganized and overwhelmed

    Yes. We can help. 

    How are you different from other career counselors?

    Our practice specialization is in Career Counseling and Workforce Development. We employ entrepreneurial principles and strategies to strengthen your position in the workforce. 

    Our programs have been developed from years of data collection and research and experience in career development. We have honed in on the most common career challenges and solutions and have developed very successful programs, systems, and guides that move people step by step through each of these career issues. 

    Several years working and collaborating with expertly educated and experienced career strategists allows for diverse and expert knowledge and contribution to our programming. As a result, we have been able to create step by step processes and guides for nearly every situation encountered in our career counseling practice.
    Our team includes seasoned private practice career development professionals with expertise in career counseling and strategic development. They hold the highest education, credentials, certifications, and professional experience in workforce development.
    We offer a clear and focused solution-driven method to help people move to the next steps in their careers. We have excellent client outcomes and happy clients.  

    Which program is best for me?

    The Action Plan (90 Minute Strategy)

    • 90 Minute strategy session. Create an action plan outlining and guiding your necessary actions and next steps. Gain clarity, direction, and focus on action steps to move you forward. This is the DIY action plan guiding your actions and next steps.

      Career Discovery and Reinvention 

      3 Month Hands-on Consultant Guided or Online self-paced career consultant guided Career Transition program

      • The Career Discovery and Reinvention Program is a Three Phase program that walks you through the Career Discovery and Reinvention process from Exploration to Execution. It is a “done with you” process designed to provide more support and strategy to help you achieve clarity, direction, and focus with step by step guidance, support, and strategic collaboration with your career coach.

      The Job Transition Campaign 

      Job Transition coaching and strategy. Unlimited support for the entire 30 days by phone and email as needed between meetings.

      • 30 Days of Job Transition Strategy and Execution with career coaching strategy sessions. It is a “done with you” job transition campaign with step by step guidance through the job application and follow-up sequence process.

        Workshops are intensive and offered to facilitate the process in shorter periods of time for faster results.

        Do I have to pay upfront?

        Payment for the entire program is expected upfront before the commencement of services. There are costs associated with our resources and career coaches time commitment to your program. Upon payment, your career coach begins the creation of your file, reviewing your documents, and allotment and planning of his or her time commitment to your case. If you need payment options, please reach out and discuss this with us. 

        Do you bill insurance?

        We do not bill insurance. 

        Can I talk to your previous clients?

        Due to confidentiality laws regulating our practice and respect for client confidentiality we are unable to release the names and information of former clients. Many clients have generously provided testimonials for our work, which can be found on our website.

        What kind of training do you have, and what are your credentials?

        Professional Brief
        Dr. Kristen A Tolbert, EdD, LMHC | Founder Career CoLabs

        Kristen Tolbert is the Founder and CEO of 'Career CoLabs' a small private firm that provides career counseling solutions for a modern evolving workforce. She is a Career Strategist specializing in Career Discovery and Career Reinvention and a Career and Workplace Satisfaction and Engagement Researcher. She has spent the past 19 years helping people navigate career and life satisfaction issues to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her practice provides career management services to people globally through career advisor guided online programs and in offices throughout the country.

        Many of her clients are people who experience work in less "traditional" ways and find themselves in incompatible environments that no longer work for them. They often struggle with the notion of a 9-5 job in which they stay until they retire. Many of them are high earners experiencing the curse of the Golden Handcuffs realizing that they would rather take a pay cut than continue on the path doing work that makes them unhappy. They experience life and work more deeply and gain a sense of satisfaction and pleasure from work and a life that they find gives them balance, purpose, and meaning.

        Kristen teaches clients how to be intentional, proactive, strategic, and tenacious in pursuing their personal and career interests and goals. Kristen specializes in career discovery through the program, "

        Careers Reinvented: A Guided Process for Leveraging Your Transferable Skills, Finding Career Direction, and Refining Your Personal Brand.™"

        Kristen's 20-year career includes work in profit and non-profits in private, state, and federal government sectors throughout the U.S. and internationally. Her experience includes personal and professional development work in conjunction with organizations such as the Medical University of South Carolina, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the U.S. Federal Government in addition to healthcare organizations, healthcare technology start-ups, and workforce development consultation for small and large businesses and organizations. 

        Kristen has a Doctorate in Education with a specialization in Organizational Leadership, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. She is Nationally Board Certified as a Licensed Counselor and Master Career Counselor and a Qualified Supervisor for counselors seeking state licensure.
        Kristen's special interests are Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, The Independent Workforce, Global Commerce and Economy, STEM Education and Careers, Entrepreneurship, Engagement Research, Workplace Culture, Work Psychology and Wellness, Human Potential, Goal Pursuit, Leadership, Higher Education, Technology, Neuropsychology, Career Self-Sufficiency, and Sustainable Communities.