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Actionable Resources and Guides

Download Actionable Resources to Guide You in Your Career Transition 

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The Career Reinvention Planner

Discover the steps of career reinvention and the actions you need to take to successfully transition into a new career. Prepare with the Career Reinvention Planner

The Personal Branding Guide 

Walk step by step through The Personal Branding Guide to discover, define, and refine your personal brand. You will increase clarity and confidence in your skills allowing you to deliver a clear and focused talk about yourself on paper and in person.

The Pro's Resume and Cover Letter Template

Use the template and guide that the Resume Writing Professionals use to refine your messaging and help you jump out of the pile. Does your resume have what it takes to jump out of the pile? Find out with The Resume Auditor.  

The Interview Protocol Checklist

Use our Field Tested Interview Protocol Guide that prepares you for masterful self-promotion with confidence and clarity.  Do your Interviewing skills need refining? Prepare with The Interview Protocol Checklist. 

The Job Transition Roadmap

Job Transition is a full-time job in itself. Plan, execute, and manage a clear and focused job transition with The Job Transition Roadmap that breaks all of the parts down into a step by step sequence.