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About us

Career CoLabs is a global Human Resources agency specializing in Career and Workplace Performance, Satisfaction, and Career Agility Programs

We offer one on one and consultant guided services and programs covering Career Counseling, Career Transitions, Work Satisfaction, Workplace Health, Performance and Productivity, Leadership and Personal and Professional Development. 

Our programs are implementation and execution programs. Clients learn strategies, but more importantly, receive comprehensive, step-by-step, hands-on guidance and action planning that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted.

Our team consists of Career and Workplace practitioners with expertise in Executive Career and Performance Coaching, Health and Wellness, Behavioral Health, Workplace Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, and Career Strategy. 

We are relationship-focused, human-centered, and solution-driven using integrative strategies, data-driven, wellness-supported programs and providing people with collaborative, step-by-step support. Our teams work hands-on and side by side with our clients to envision, plan, strategize, and take action to reach their workplace, career, and life goals. 

The Founder, Dr. Kristen Tolbert, is a Corporate Psychotherapist and Executive Career and Performance Coach specializing in people development addressing career transitions, workplace wellness, and leadership and professional development. She helps career and job changers leverage their innate talents and transferable skills to make satisfying career changes.  

Career CoLabs Provides

Career Transition programs for finding career direction, refining your personal brand, leveraging your transferable skills, landing the job, and creating satisfying career opportunities. 

Work Intelligence training for Cognition and Psychology Based Performance, Satisfaction, and Career Agility for peak performance and wellness at work.


About Kristen

Programs are led by founder Dr. Kristen A Tolbert, EdD LMHC  

  • Client profiles include highly experienced senior professionals looking to make a career change and transition into new careers, roles, and environments and young professionals and early careerists entering the workforce. 
  • We serve a worldwide clientele using our online Career Management Classroom. 
  • Teams include experienced high-level associates with private and public sector expertise in human resources, career development, counseling, executive coaching, leadership development, and strategic development. They hold the highest education, credentials, certifications, and professional experience in workforce development.  

Professional Brief

Kristen specializes in Career Satisfaction and Workplace Wellness programs in her private practice where she assists people and organizations in becoming both high performing and healthy workplaces. Kristen’s professional development programs are focused on skills-based, higher-order thinking, and behavioral strategies to address job performance, satisfaction, productivity, job transition, and leadership development. Kristen's programs serve a global clientele via live seminars and in collaborative online classrooms. 

Kristen’s 20-year career includes work in profit and non-profits in private, state, and federal government sectors. I have provided psycho-behavioral coaching and consulting services with telemedicine and healthcare technology companies and start-ups, human resources, higher education, law enforcement, and various private sector businesses. Additionally, I have worked with organizations such as the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs, the Medical University of South Carolina, the Department of Juvenile Justice, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Kristen has a Doctorate in Education with a specialization in Organizational Leadership, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. She is Nationally Board Certified as a Licensed Counselor and Master Career Counselor and a Qualified Supervisor for counselors seeking state licensure. 

Kristen's approach to working with people is strategic and human-centered; she focuses on clearly identifying desired outcomes and needs and honoring the unique humanness of the people she is working with. Her experience and belief are that trust and engagement occur at the intersection of these two places--supporting growth and deep respect and understanding of her clients.

Kristen's Credentials, Background, and Professional Experience

  • Nationally Board Certified Master Career Counselor and Licensed Mental Health Counselor 
  • In-House Federal Career Consultant and Executive Coach for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Nuclear Regulatory Commission; providing contracted executive career coaching and professional development services to Accountants, Attorneys, Economists, Examiners, IT Specialists, Industry Specialists, and Legal and Business Interns
  • Former Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator
  • 20+ years in Practice
  • Interests: Social Cognition, Telemedicine, Machine Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, The Independent Workforce, Global Commerce, STEM Education and Careers, Entrepreneurship, Online Engagement and Workplace Engagement Research, Workplace Culture, Human Potential, Goal Pursuit, Leadership, Higher Education, Work Psychology and Wellness, Sustainable Communities.


  • Ed.D.  (Doctor of Education) Organizational Leadership/Workforce Development.
  • M.S.  (Master of Science) Counseling Psychology. Specialization in Strategic and Systems Psychology.
  • B.A.  (Bachelor of Art) Psychology. Specialization in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Professional Licenses and Memberships

  • Master Career Counselor (MCC), National Career Development AssociationNational Certified Counselor (NCC), National Board for Certified Counselors
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Qualified Supervisor, Florida Department of Health
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), California Board of Behavioral Health (in progress)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Pennsylvania Board of Beahvioral Health (in progress)

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