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Should I Tailor My Resume for Every Job?

Yes, you should modify your resume to match each job to which you are applying. You will know exactly what they are looking for by thoughtfully reviewing the job announcement and analyzing it for skills keywords. Think of it this way. If you are in business and trying to offer your services or product to someone who is interested and needs your help what would you say to them to show them that you can help them? What knowledge and skills do you have that they need to know about? 

A business owner does not say "here is a list of all of the things I have done in my life; what can I sell you?" We say "I understand your needs. This is how I solve this problem and this is how I do it." We spend years and years perfecting our words in our copy (and our skills and offerings) so that they resonate perfectly with our intended audience and they make the greatest impact. We do not expect our customers to just find us and try to figure out how they can give us money to buy something from us. That doesn't make sense, does it? 

This is the purpose of the resume. Your resume is a personal marketing document intended to show your reader the value and support that you will bring to their company. We must spend time reviewing the job announcement assessing the company's needs and skill requirements. Then modify our resume to provide evidence that we are a good match. Here's a simple prompt to help you frame your resume summary and professional experience narratives: "as evidenced by..." What evidence do you have to support your fit for this position? We must tell the reader a story of how effective we are.  


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