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How to Get the Most Out of Your Career Coaching Meetings

Take action and be intentional about your desired outcomes.

You should always know what you want to discuss and the outcomes you desire to achieve. Create time prior to meetings to prepare and clarify what you want to focus on during the session and what you want to achieve by the end of the session. Always prepare and ask good questions, and have something thoughtful to discuss.

  • Refer back to your initial goals to maintain focus of your sessions and progress. If you have not yet established goals, be sure to do this with your coach as soon as possible. 
  • What feelings, desires, information, strategies, and outcomes would you like to walk away with?
  • What information is important to share with your coach that will help her help you?
  • What are your main talking points that will help achieve the outcomes desired? 
  • Offer feedback during meetings about what is working and what is not. What do you need more help with? Be proactive in creating results.

The most successful coachees are intentional action takers. They own their progress and success by reaching out and asking questions, getting guidance and support when they are stuck or have questions, and they put in time, effort, and hard work to achieve desired results. They understand that they are the master of their domain and it is reflected in the goals they achieve. 

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